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Easter Bunny embossed Head Clay Cutter

Easter Bunny embossed Head Clay Cutter

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Easter Bunny embossed Head Clay Cutter, Bunny Shaped Polymer Clay Cutter, Cookie Cutter, Rabbit Ears Easter Clay Cutter

Size available
1.25 inch
1.5 inch

mirrored set 1.25 inch

mirrored set 1.5 inch

Created by clay artists for polymer clay creators.
It features a sharp tapered edge for ultra-clean cuts and handle are designs to get maximum grip and comfort.

Made with high-quality PLA, this product is environmentally friendly and will last for years of heavy use.


• With a firm hand and even pressure, press down on the cutter, wiggle it, and gently lift up.


• Do not expose to high heat
• Hand-wash with soap and water
• Store in a cool dry place

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