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Orange leaves Transfers

Orange leaves Transfers

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leaves transfer sheet

Created by clay artists for polymer clay creators.

Made with high-quality ttransfer sheets , this product is environmentally friendly


• cut paper to desired size ( if needed)
• Lay the vibrant ( ink side ) face down on clay.
• apply light pressure/ or use acrylic roller to ensure design is in full contact with clay .
🔸 First method :

use water from your faucet directly over the clay slab until the paper is completely rinses away and use your finger and slowly wipe away any excess paper that didn’t rinse off. ( be gentle)

🔸 Second method :

pour small bit of water to transfer sheet , once the paper is completely wet gently use you finger and wipe it out the paper but be very gentle and careful.

• use dry paper towel and gently tab on the clay to gently dab away any excess water

• you slab is ready cut and bake

• after baking seal with resin , polyurethane or any other sealing material and method you prefer.
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